There are THOUSANDS of Window Washing Businesses Across the U.S. ...

But only those that work with me have become six-figure, cash-generating, window washing empires like mine has. And I'll show you exactly how to copy my success.

If your window cleaning business is NOT dominating your market, and making you financially free, or you're struggling to grow your company from small to big ... you NEED to read this right now ... 

From: Jim DuBois, CEO

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Dear Friend,

I don't know about your window washing business ...
But for a long time, I was extremely busy washing windows ... and still broke ...
So I know how that feels.
However, today I'm happy to report that I run a very strong, six-figure income, automated, systemized window cleaning empire!  
And guess what, anyone can copy my success. Even you ... if you let me show you how I did it.

My name is Jim DuBois, and I've been using this easy-to-implement system to make a lot of money year after year for two decades. Most people would never guess the kind of money that can be made washing windows.

But I know it's possible. And if you aren't there yet, trust me, it's possible for you too, once you have the right tools, and personal help to do it.
So if you've seen, or heard of people who have built multi-million dollar window cleaning businesses, but you didn't believe it was possible ... I am living, breathing proof!  
And I guarantee I can get you there too. I can show you the exact steps to take. And help you create a lifestyle of a rich, but maybe not so famous, window cleaning business owner.  
But I'd expect that's ok for you, like it is for me. All I really care about is living very comfortably and enjoying life, with cash in the bank, while my well-run, thriving business runs almost on autopilot!
If you would like to do the same, it's important that you are the right candidate for my help and system. So let me ask you ...
• Have you had your window cleaning business for a few years?
• Are you just getting started?
• Are you struggling?
• Have you struggled to break through the brick wall of success?
• Do you already have a handful of employees, but don't know how to get to the next level?
• Are YOU still personally washing windows all day, but would rather be home, on vacation, or only working 1-2 days a week?


If you answered "YES" to at least one of those questions, you're likely in a great spot to start down this road with me.

And just so you know, it wasn't always like this for me. I don't come from a wealthy family. And my business wasn't given to me. I built it myself from the ground up, starting with one single customer.
My dad was in the Air Force, and we were always moving and changing schools. That is until my parents sent me off to military school. As you can imagine, I hated it.
But if there was one thing I knew for sure by that point in my life, it was that I didn't like taking orders, and that I wanted to do my own thing. I wanted my own business where I called the shots and controlled my own destiny.
Except I had no idea what it would be. 

Until one day when I was 19, I replied to an ad in the newspaper for a window washing job. Little did I know this would be a major life-turning point for me. I worked for this company for one year. And I remember going to the owner's house to pick up my paycheck, and seeing his shiny new Cadillac in the driveway, the in-ground swimming pool in the back, and his big, beautiful home.

I'll never forget that day. 
Because that's the day I realized I was on the wrong side of this equation. I could do this on my own. And before long, I did.

Today, when I meet new friends or acquaintances, they're shocked that I can afford the lifestyle I do when they find out I own a window cleaning business. They can't believe it. And every year my income grows.
I don't brag or boast about my income. In fact, I rarely tell people what I do unless they ask. Because it is my little cash-generating secret. I don't want people, especially in my area, to start their own window cleaning business once they see the kind of money I make.  

Starting my window cleaning business was the smartest decision I ever made! And this, right here, right now, could be a turning point for you too in your life, and in your window cleaning career ... if you decide to let me help you build your own window cleaning empire.

I am ready to teach you exactly what I do, step-by-step to make the kind of money I'm talking about, without the 70-hour work weeks or long hours on tall ladders.

I call my system "Window Washing Wealth." And I will show you step-by-step how to:

  • Build your business with minimal expense. I started with $100.
  • Make more money fast, not months or years, but within days. And if you're only part-time, you'll still see a full time income within weeks using my program.
  • Earn a very strong six-figure income and join the top 1% of elite window cleaning earners in the country.
  • Develop a lifestyle where you work when you want, and the money STILL keeps coming in.
  • And most importantly, how to implement my little-known but extremely effective marketing strategies to create wealth, right down to the exact words I use to sell, to attract the right employees that stay, to ultimately eliminating your competition.

This is exactly what I did, and what I still do today. And I can teach you how to do it too.

I focus primarily on 2 markets: 

1. Commercial (Storefronts, Chains, Shopping Centers, Malls)
2. Residential (Homes, Townhomes, Apartments, Condos)

A small part of what we do also includes new construction and larger buildings, accessed by man-lifts or water-fed poles, but this would make up a smaller percentage of what we do.

"Invaluable To Us"

"Even as an industry veteran, when it was time to start up a commercial storefront operation in a new location, Jim DuBois was my first call. 

His insights, strategies, and systems were invaluable to us getting off to a fast start. Jim's strategies are proven and the results for us were excellent. 

I recommend anyone starting in the commercial storefront space to talk to Jim."

Mike D. in TN
I know this business inside and out, and have made my living this way for over 20 years.  And still, I'm always learning new and better ways to grow and improve on what we do.

Anyone can wash windows ... But very few know the business-building marketing secrets that make you financially secure doing it. 

And guess what ...
It won't take you 5, 10, or 20 years to reach a 6-figure income level. I can show you how to make $150,000 to $250,000 a year within just two to three years. Guaranteed.
Please understand something, I'm not trying to sell you a $29 manual or report that covers the basics of window cleaning. I'm willing to SHOW you myself how to build a window cleaning operation. Just like I did it, with the same business you are in.

I can show you how to strategically build your business. And all you need is the willingness to follow my lead. I will take you by the hand, on a day-to-day basis, and work with you side-by-side until your income is substantial. With my help, I WILL get you there.       

As I said, my window cleaning business today is on auto-pilot. Now I spend most of my time teaching people like you how to copy my success and blow up their income. Years ago, I fine-tuned my system by first teaching my dad, my friends: Tony, Ralph, Joe, and Frank to do what I'm doing. All of them went on to build successful window cleaning businesses for themselves.
I have a friend in NJ and another friend in MN who both make more than the average attorney, simply washing windows.
And in case you're wondering, you won't even find another window cleaning "specific" coach, and mentor like me in the U.S. I am the very best at what I do. And I'll make sure you succeed.

I'm very impressed with what you have put together. Extremely detailed step by step process!   Roger in TX

Now, does everyone make this kind of money?  No, of course not. In fact, most don't. But that's their choice. Those in the window cleaning business know it's not hard to make a decent living of $50,000 or $60,000 a year.
But very few know the right approach, the secrets and strategies to make the big money by learning how to dominate and monopolize their marketplace.

And that's what I do best.
But, that's NOT what everyone wants to do.

Some are happy to simply take my knowledge and double their income to $90,000 or $100,000.

Still not a bad payday.

But I can help you get more ...
Not just more money. But also a lifestyle others are envious of. Who really wants to wash windows 5 or 6 days a week, for 10 hours a day? Not many people I know.

Instead ... Consider this ... As much as I love window cleaning, what I love more is only working two or three days a week and vacationing every two months. On the other hand, I know many 9 to 5, college-educated professionals who are jealous that I make more than they do, and only work half the time.
Imagine taking a new approach to building your business and turning it into a lifestyle that others dream about? It is real and very possible in the window cleaning business. 

Yes, you ARE in the right business! Now you just need to play bigger ...
with my help!

Everything I'm talking about here is absolutely 100% true. I've been doing it for years and I will teach you the exact step-by-step process I use today. I've even used my system to succeed personally in two different places of the country. You could drop me anywhere in North America and I will do it all over again.
Even in your city. BUT ... I'd rather show YOU how to succeed in your city!
It literally works anywhere. Have I made mistakes along the way? Of course. But I've used those mistakes to fine-tune my system, so you won't have to make the same time and money wasting mistakes.

"I Can See The Growth In Revenue Already."

"Being in business for a few years, you hear all sorts of business growth plans - do this and double your sales, follow this guide to your million dollar company, read this book to unlock the secrets of big profits. None of it ever seems to work.

With Window Washing Wealth, not only do you get a ton of information, but most importantly for me, a weekly one on one call to keep you on track.

The program has a simple to follow, step-by-step action plan to grow your business. Even after just a few weeks with some minor tweaks and simple implementations, I can see the growth in revenue already.

With this program, I will cut down the growth curve and start living the life I want sooner."

Matt O. in AZ

I have fine-tuned and tweaked this business, my system, and my strategies so you can be more successful than you are now, guaranteed. If you have the desire, and are willing to follow my guidance, you will get there too.
And sooner than you think, simply by copying what I'm doing.


Warning: If you think working more hours each week is the key to a strong, six figure income ...
I've got news for you ...

Ask yourself this: 
If you keep doing what you're doing now, where will you be in 2 years?

Or ...  If you accept my help, and implement my system in your city, where do you think you could be in 2 years? And as we keep working together, in 5 years, or 10?         

I'll tell you ...
1. You will have a consistent, six-figure income.
2. You will have the option of working only a couple days a week.
3. You will have a business that goes on with or without you.
4. You will look forward to a secure retirement that can realistically take place anytime.
And, as I just said, this does NOT require that you work harder, longer hours. In fact, I will show you how to achieve success by working LESS hours.
Maybe that's hard to believe, but I already did it. And have shown others how to do it also.
And you'll do it largely by tossing the same, tired marketing ideas that everyone uses and instead using effective, unique strategies to build a small window cleaning company into a big one!
And even better, your competition will never see you coming! 
I can help you if:

• Your window cleaning business is stagnate, and not growing, despite your best efforts.
• You're a part-time window cleaner on the side, working in a corporate cubicle yawning and yearning to get out and go full-time, but don't know how.

• You're growing increasingly worried year after year that just 'getting by' and saving nothing for retirement is a good plan.
• You feel like you're somewhat on your way to success, but need some guidance to keep your business growing.
• Your friends, family, or colleagues think you're crazy for starting a window cleaning business.
• You attend national or regional conferences hoping to gain valuable information, but just come back more confused than before.
• You wish you had a mentor, an industry expert, or someone you could work with that has already made it in this business.  

Are you a good fit? Others like you are taking advantage of my help right now and succeeding like they never thought they could. But only you can decide to make a change. My system works, and will continue to work as it has for 20 years.  

I'll show you how to start working less, and making more, as quickly as next month ... 

The average window cleaner owner makes $20 to $30 an hour, minus expenses. That's average, and I will show you how to be far from average just by working a few days a month. Even if you're only part-time right now, you could be bringing in an extra $2,000 a month! Not too bad, especially when you consider that some people make that full-time.
When transitioning to full-time with my system, everything changes quickly, and the big money starts to come into the picture. This is where you, following my lead, start working, strategizing, and building to join the elite 1% of us. 

"Changed Our Life"

"The WindowWashingWealth program has changed our life and the way we run our business. We are now a million dollar plus a year company just on storefront commercial accounts alone."

Barry in NC

Imagine what you could do with $250,000 a year. It's not only possible, it is happening. I will show you how to make more and work less, like me and many others I've worked with.

And I'll tell you, it's hard to find another legitimate business that has such high earning potential, combined with low startup cost ... with no degree or experience required.

At the same time, window cleaning isn't a "get-rich-quick scheme." You're going to have to commit the time necessary to achieve the level of success you desire, and break through that wall that's holding you back.

I CAN'T provide you with the desire to succeed. But I CAN provide you with a proven business building system you can use to streamline your efforts with systematic, step-by-step instructions. Now ...

Let's talk about your competition for a minute ...

The system contained in "Window Washing Wealth" is designed to do what I'm doing ... Make serious money, with a lifestyle to enjoy it.
But you can't do this if you're splitting up neighborhoods, shopping centers, etc. with your competitors. I'm friendly and professional of course. But I'm not best friends with my local competitors.

I'm a successful businessman, and a successful businessman out-maneuvers and dominates his competition. As of today, I have eliminated 17 of my local competitors, opening up my market ten-fold.
If you're only looking for part-time work, a couple thousand dollars a month income, that's easy with my program and I can get you there ... fast. But my course was really created to make you rich. It was created to do what other window cleaning companies can't, or don't know how to do.
There's no manual, book, franchise, consultant, or report that can or will do for you what my Window Washing Wealth system can.

There will always be competitors, and that's good for business ... But only ONE can dominate, and be in first place. And it might as well be you. This is what I teach you. Which means your competitors won't always like you, and some may even fear you.   

So if you want what I have, you need to be able to say, "I'm going to do whatever it takes to make my business innovative and as valuable as possible. And because of that, I fully expect to win the lion's share of the business in my marketplace, and will likely dominate my competitors in the process."

If you can do this, learn to market the right way, and break through the confidence gap, you'll automatically surpass 99% of your competitors, and lay the foundation to become #1 in your area and a 1%'er. 

... If not, and you're satisfied hanging out in the middle of the pack, I warn you to prepare yourself. Because when somebody else in your area takes me up on this offer, look out, the elimination process will begin.  

If you like what you hear so far, there's more! Lots more ...

I'm ready to work with you to implement my system into your window cleaning business, and create a profit-churning marketing system that gets RESULTS. I'll teach you how to build and differentiate yourself and your business from the inside out, so you can systematically eliminate your competitors. Things like ...
  • How to set the standard in the industry so prospects come to you FIRST.
  • How to instantly communicate your selling advantages in compelling terms.
  • How to increase the effectiveness of your sales and marketing more than 3,000%.
  • How to take market share, virtually eliminating your competitors and monopolize your market.
  • How to assemble a dream team, creating extraordinary results from ordinary people.
  • How to create a never ending "Faucet of Profit." So you can turn your Marketing Dial up and down whenever you want money to stream in.
  • New concepts that will make you say over and over, "Now, that's something I've never heard before." 
  • Learn how to market your business like a 20 acre irrigation system vs. a 1 gallon watering can.
Now, you should also know ...
  • You can keep your existing company name.
  • There are no franchise costs.   
  • This is not a franchise. I teach you how to make money, and lots of it. I teach you how to get there quickly by implementing my proven success system into your business, starting day one. 
  • You'll also get world-class, lifetime support anywhere in the country that you operate. 
  • I teach you step-by-step how to build and dominate your marketplace, separating your business from the competition or even eliminating them. I call it the 3 P's to success. Learn how to market with power, precision, and passion. 
  • More so than a franchise could ever do, I literally take you by the hand for as long as it takes. I don't just send you a 40-page manual and wish you luck. 
  • You'll have full, on-going lifetime support to become the biggest and the best in your area from me, and top leaders in my organization who have actual experience like I do. 
  • If you choose you'll have an almost unlimited territory to build your million dollar plus empire. Other outfits with their small, limited territories make it virtually impossible to build a window cleaning dynasty.  
  • You will have marketing assistance through regional and national contracts that we will negotiate for you. Squeegee Pros National Network provides window cleaning and pressure washing services on a nationwide scale with a high level of reliability at efficient cost points. 

Yes, there absolutely is a better way!

What if you really did have 100% access to someone who has done it and has his hand out saying, "Come with me and let me show you." You and I will become 'a team' and continue working together day after day, month after month, and year after year until the kind of success I have talked about occurs for you and your business.

Compared to others, you'll have a HUGE head start by learning an efficient approach to building your window cleaning empire. Starting immediately, you'll be equipped with my arsenal of information. Starting with basic fundamentals, things you probably already know. But in case you don't ...

  • How to come up with the right name for your business and why a catchy name will stand out allowing you to rise above the competition, if you don't already have one.
  • The only one way to structure your window cleaning business to reduce taxes, limit liability to create that corporate shield.
  • The perfect window cleaning solution for just pennies per job.
  • The types of insurance you need to be completely protected. There's more than one.
  • Why you should never (or 99% of the time) bid by the hour.
  • Why you never want to be the low bidder.
  • Four $100 an hour sideline services to your window cleaning business.
  • The most effective way to write a window cleaning estimate.
  • The four steps to perfectly and quickly clean a window faster than you do now.  
  • Safety solutions and tricks to the trade.
  • Crucial steps to avoiding work-related accidents.
  • Six simple add-ons that turn into cash ... all you have to do is ask!
  • Dozens of sample letters/emails/copy creatively written to get new customers, get referrals, and remind customers it's time for another window cleaning. All ready for your use.
  • Discover how 'Getting Your Window Cleaning Business On-line' can Blow Your Competition Away with 6 little known, simple strategies. 
You'll also learn ...
  • How to earn at least $1.00 per minute when cleaning windows.
  • When and why to use a $125 minimum price strategy.
  • When it's appropriate to ask for an hourly rate.
  • How to get paid for your time driving between jobs.
  • How to correct pricing mistakes without taking a loss.
  • Eliminate bidding mistakes - Forever!
And because there's a lot of confusion over how to price, or bid windows ...
  • Have a question about bidding a particular job?
  • Need help troubleshooting a tough job site?
  • Have a question about window cleaning equipment and tools?
  • Want to know what ladder is best suited for a particular application?
I'll be there to help you every step of the way!

This is just a tip of the iceberg...

Plus, I'll teach you things that will make your business different and stand out!  Things like:

  • How to turn your company's business card into an effective marketing 'secret weapon' to get commercial and residential jobs.
  • Yellow Pages still exist. How to easily dominate the directory and 'own' a specific target market.
  • How to charge top dollar in your residential pricing - a $5,000 trade secret.
  • How to find the 'perfect' price for window cleaning in your home town.
  • Don't make these bidding mistakes ... 12 tips to save frustration.
  • Our unique paperbox flyer brings in thousands of dollars in new business over and over again.
  • Email marketing blasts: A unique approach to generating thousands of dollars in revenue from your customers each and every time. But do not say this... And do not send them in this frequency...
  • A unique way to make money by giving away your window cleaning services.
  • Use 17 proven, high return, little known marketing concepts that I use in my business.
  • Know the words to use to sell any job over the phone with my exact word for word scripts.
  • Know how to use the written word for brochures, direct mail pieces, postcards, voice mail, website, etc. to get your phone ringing and converting into revenue.
  • You'll learn how to do a quick evaluation on your company against the claims your company makes.  

Claim Your Territory Today ... My Window Washing Wealth is the answer to a so-so window cleaning business.  

Remember, our goal together is total area domination and a high 6-figure income for you!

Which means you need to make sure your marketing, your systems, your strategies, and everything about your business will make your prospects make this one, simple conclusion:

"I'd Have To Be An Idiot To Do Business With
Anybody Else But You ... Regardless Of The Price!"

If your business today doesn't get that kind of reaction, then it's not working right. Our objective is to get it working right once and for all.
Why work with me to take your business to the next level ...

When you could just continue washing windows, and doing what you're doing with your marketing instead of accepting my help?  The truth is ANYONE can start their own window cleaning business, because it's really easy to learn how to clean windows.
But, the truth is not everyone knows how to run, operate, and truly build a SUCCESSFUL, ever growing, auto pilot operation.  Think of it as not as a window cleaning business, but instead as a marketing company that sells window cleaning services. See the difference?

Working with me is like joining a team where you follow a UNIQUE and PROVEN business model like we've talked about, and receive the right kind of support (much better than any franchise could offer) to ensure your success as a business owner.                                                                              
The choice is REAL SIMPLE. Do it all on your own, or let me share my success with you! If you want to be a one, two, or three Man Show and learn how to do EVERYTHING on your own, then you don't need me.
I teach people how to build BIG Window Cleaning Businesses, not just how to clean windows! 

"I Very Quickly Grew My Company"
"When it comes to learning to be extremely successful in the window cleaning business, there is only one person I recommend and that is Jim DuBois. 

Over the years I have watched him grow not one, but two window cleaning companies from nothing to two very successful operations. 

In fact, I will get a little personal and tell you that I am in fact, Jim's father.  When I retired from the Air Force I was looking to start my own business, and using his strategies and know-how, he mentored me in starting my own commercial and residential window cleaning business in a small city in Indiana.

I very quickly grew my company from nothing to several hundred accounts in a very short time. Using Jim's techniques and strategies, I also learned his very effective ways of communicating and talking to new prospects to get new accounts - just plain amazing --- because they work. 

What I learned from Jim has made it so much easier to build my business ...... If you are thinking about utilizing the concepts in his WWW program ... stop thinking and just DO IT.  You won't regret it."
Jim's Dad in Indiana
The cost for EVERYTHING I have, both in the form of manuals, forms, marketing and my personal help is extremely affordable for anyone. 
And I keep it extremely simple ...

  • No national advertising fee requirements.  
  • No additional upfront "start up" fees.
  • No additional training tuition fees other than initial fee to get you started.
  • No renewal fee. Just continue getting world-class support as we build your business to multi-million dollar status together.
As you know, you can buy a franchise for tens of thousands of dollars.
But I'll help you build an empire for a fraction of that!
If you're ready ...

If you choose to work with me, you will also be a part of:
  • National Conferences
  • Webinars and Forums
  • My copyrighted, custom for you website template
  • Access to my regionally acclaimed SEO, internet marketing guru
  • Our Private National Advisory Counsel
  • Personal World Class Support
  • Utilize my Negotiated Supplier Discounts

  "Worth 10x More than What Jim is Charging"

"The Window Washing Wealth program/system is worth 10 times more than what Jim is charging. If you're on the fence about purchasing it, I would do it now before Jim realizes he's not charging enough for it ...

The strategies alone that I got from my first phone conversation with Jim will pay for my investment in The Window Washing Wealth program 10 fold. Plus Jim is a really nice guy too! He's someone whom I look forward to working with to help me reach my goals. Wash On Jim!"

John in TX

Once we agree to work together,
the first thing I'll send you ...

Is my Window Washing Wealth Core Operations Binder broken down into 4 separate manuals:

  • First manual is 225 pages of nothing but window cleaning Business Fundamentals: proper operations set-up, proper bank accounts set-up, understanding insurance, branding/image, phone/VM etiquette, software we use, the markets to penetrate, mastering select skill sets, pricing, and so much more.
  • Second manual is 275 more pages of nothing but Marketing. You MUST have a marketing arsenal. Marketing is how wealth is created. Contained here is everything we do that works and what catapulted my business to 7 figures. This is what I refer to as the Faucet of Profit.
  • Third manual is 230 more pages of everything Administrative. Including organization, interviews/hiring/terminating, structured technician and management pay, profit sharing, your pay, performance reviews, employee retention programs, collections and past due systems, your complete 'action plan' to wealth, and so much more.
  • Finally, the Fourth manual is a 300 page Resource Manual of our enforced systems, employee manuals, office forms, filing systems, documents, pdf's, It includes proprietary forms, agreements, and more. Everything we use today to put my company on auto-pilot. Why? Because systems equal freedom.

All in all it is a 1,000 + page series of binders broken into 24 well-organized, step-by-step sections, with videos, and an audio program that completely details how to build a window cleaning business that dominates your market like no other program offered today. 
This is an amplified version of my own complete Operations Manual that covers absolutely everything to build a multi-million dollar enterprise. I would put it up against any Fortune 500 Systems Manual. It is the backbone or the core of my system.
But it is only a part of the system as a whole ....


The most valuable part of my system is my personal, 1-on-1 help and the World Class Support that guides you by the hand every step of the way.

I will give you everything you need to be wildly successful!  Including my personal time.  

So if you are ready, the next step is yours ...

Call Me Right Now at
(8am to 5pm EST)

For a FREE Consultation.

Let's get going so you can get up and running, making more money in no time. I am ready to supply you with all the information you need to start you on our journey together.
Still a little unsure? A little skeptical? I don't blame you. We don't know each other. And of course there is a cost to work with me to build your business together. But we can discuss all that in person, on the phone. I can tell you this:

1. I will never let a person's finances get in the way of working with me.

2. If we do work together you are covered by my Money-Back Guarantee. This is something no franchisor, no consultant, no course, no book will ever offer you or anyone. They just don't! It is too risky for them to offer a money back guarantee. 

Here it is:

This gives you an "out" if things aren't going well for you.

The main reason I offer such a strong money-back guarantee is to convey our confidence to you that we strongly believe in our systems, our people, and our operating models. If you go in knowing you can recoup 50% of your investment, if you don't meet specific criteria, it takes all the pressure off you and calms any fears.  
When you call, during your consultation, I will answer any further questions you have and help you feel comfortable that this is a great decision.
If you got nothing out of this letter, please read this ... To summarize, my goal is to give you confidence in three things:
1. To let me and my leadership team teach you how to dominate your window cleaning market before your competition does. We will show you how to implement multiple, proven, precise, and targeted marketing strategies over and over again until you have monopolized your marketplace.
2. To let me show you how to put your business on auto-pilot, working a couple days a week. You do this by having the right people using automated systems you have in place (we teach you) that turns your business into a well-oiled machine whether you're at the office or not. The right people make all the difference. When you are ready, we will help you design an exit strategy that will take care of your top people after you are long gone, while still paying you month after month.
3. Let me show you how to earn a significant 6-figure income by setting realistic, but lofty goals and by NEVER EVER QUITTING until the goal is reached. The goals come out of the systems that we implement together. You tell us where you want to go. You start by becoming a leader and not a boss (there's a difference) and making decisions that lead your team to where you want to go.

Alright, now you're at an important crossroad and you have 3 options ...

Option #1 is to simply discard this information (close this webpage) and walk away. Forget all the information you learned about why dominating your market leads to a $250,000+ income and more, while working only a couple days a week. You'll go back to living your same life, struggling to grow your window cleaning company to the size you 'really' want, working 40, 50, and 60 hours per week. And the truth is, if you do nothing... well then, nothing will ever change.

Option #2 is you can take everything you learned here today in this letter and try to apply it yourself. You can spend thousands of dollars looking for the miracle marketing methods and strategies to grow your company from small to big. And you can spend hundreds of hours online researching the exact how-to's to become rich in the window cleaning business. However, if you plan on doing all of this on your own, then the question is...

Why haven't you done it already? Or have you? And the truth is, life will get in the way like it always does. Things will come up and you'll end up more frustrated than ever because you had an opportunity to build a window cleaning dynasty, but you passed it up to save a few bucks that would have changed your life. And then you find out that someone else has taken your territory.

Option #3 is you can make the easy decision and let me and my team guide you to the success you want. In just a few hours, you can have all this knowledge at your fingertips, instantly putting this invaluable information blueprint to work. You'll have a step-by-step action plan ready, and a success-driven team right by your side every step of the way ...  So you can wake up tomorrow morning with a breath of fresh air knowing you will NOW have the tools you need to build a multi-million dollar operation.  
And just to be clear, we are NOT a one-stop shop marketing company offering all things to all businesses. We are a window cleaning company, that only teaches window cleaning companies how to build big businesses.
Call me now for a FREE CONSULTATION!
Thank you for your time and for considering Window Washing Wealth. The window cleaning business has been very good to me and my family. I couldn't imagine doing anything else.  
In fact, I recently told my Management Team that there honestly is nothing I'd rather be doing! Nothing. Building my company and helping others do the same is something I love to do. It gives my life meaning!

 In Their Words...

1. "I have worked for Jim for the past 10 years. He has taught me the ins and the outs of the window cleaning business. When I started I knew nothing about window cleaning. I started in commercial and at the time we had about 2,000 accounts. Today we have around 4,000. About six years in I started learning 
the in and outs of residential, and today we dominate our area. Jim and our team continue to grow the company to new heights with the newest software, latest equipment, with unique marketing ideas while always watching costs and most importantly making a profit. But 'only making a profit' is not always on Jim's mind as he always takes care of his team first. He is a true leader and to me, a professional friend. I have never met anyone with such passion for his company. He is not his job. This is "his life". I am honored that he chose me to be a part of his team and that he trusts me with "his life". 

2. "I watched our company go from 1,500 on-going commercial accounts 12 years ago to now nearing 4,000 accounts due to the knowledge that Window Washing Wealth provides. If you're looking for the key to success, you have found it with Window Washing Wealth. I would recommend this program to anyone that wants to have a 6 figure income and a million dollar company."

Management Team
If you like what you see and hear, call me right now and let's discuss getting you started ASAP! Don't delay! Another year will go by quickly.
And BTW: If you call, and we don't end up working together, it will be good to get to know another fellow window washer!

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from CEO, Jim DuBois
I look forward to talking with you!
Yours truly,

James A DuBois, CEO
P.S. This is your first step to financial independence in the greatest enterprise I know of, the window cleaning business! A business model where, if done correctly, can create a lifestyle of working when you want, with a substantial six-figure income to support it.
P.P.S.  I know you don't know it yet, but there really is no downside. The only risk is that if you wait, I will fill my allotment of people I can work with one-on-one. Myself and my team are ready now to help you every step of the way. I'll be delighted to hear from you, then work with you to build your window cleaning empire too.


 Still Have Questions Before You Call? I May Have Already Answered Them Below ...

Question: Is it really necessary to have a mentor to build my business to 6-figures?

Anyone can be a window cleaner and you certainly don't need my program to be one. But to be incredibly successful, proper guidance absolutely speeds up the process. I only work with business owners who truly want to rise above the rest, following my proven business plan. I have 20+ years of knowledge and have already 'done it' in our market so it makes it easy for you to copy and follow my lead. As far as the window cleaning business, we are in a niche service industry that is recession resistant with limited 'real' competition. My training and support offers you the potential of a significant six figure income. A process remarkably harder if attempted alone.

Question: I'm already in my 50's. Is it too late for me to start working with you? 

Absolutely not! I can have you up and running inside of 30 days making money. My "take you by the hand" approach and day-to-day support will have you making more money quickly. And within just a few months to a year you'll see significant changes to your income - provided you do your part. This is not a 5 or 10 year plan to break even and finally profit. Plus, my approach is to have people doing the work for you so you can work on the business instead of in the field every day.

Question: Do I need any special background to work with you? 

No, we provide full training and support, and the tools you need to build your company. From software, to marketing, to employees and everything in between. Our training is thorough and extensive and is taught by the top tier of people at Squeegee Pros, including myself, the founder. You just bring the willingness to succeed.

Question: How will I know where to start and what to do?

This is a very important question because this is where 99% of programs fail. Our Operations Manual is the bible and core to our program. That combined with our world-class support lays out in finite detail exactly the 'what to do' and 'when to do it' from day 1, to day 10, to month one, to year 1 and so on.

Question: Can I keep my job and still work with you? 

Yes. Our program is designed to help the part time window cleaner get out of their job as quickly as possible.  On average, this is within 30 to 120 days of starting, and then the sky is the limit. This is the beauty of our system. We realize not everyone can jump in full time at 40 hours per week and we don't expect you too. However if you can, all the better, as you will expedite your business success. 

Question: Do I need an office? 

No. Most of those I work with, and myself, started out at home before getting an office outside. But we do want you to have that goal once you become financially sound. Success seems to build on itself faster with an outside office. We know where the best offices are found. And we have a proven method to help you find great office space at the best lease rates.

What will I get if I choose to work with you? 

You will receive a large heavy box containing all our written material, operations manuals, DVD's, audios, proprietary forms, and more, organized in an orderly, step-be-step format. In addition, everything is on my online Window Washing Wealth portal to learn on your phone, tablet, or computer when on the go.

What is the support like?

In short, World Class. We are extremely committed to providing an unparalleled level of support, instruction, direction, and leadership. One-on-one support will consist of many forms including phone, in person, text, and email. Other forms of support include webinars, forums, and podcasts. High levels of support are provided in all areas including: tech and software support, marketing, human resources, growth and business planning, pricing, employee management, etc.

Is there a cost involved in working with you?

Yes. As the only company in the U.S. that operates this way, helping only window cleaners greatly expand their business empire, my time, and my team's time is very sought-after. So there is a cost for our time, materials, system, and ongoing support. But I can guarantee you this: It will be a drop in the bucket compared to the profit you will start seeing with our help. Guaranteed.

How does Squeegee Pros differ from its competition?                

First of all, we have no real competition. You will find companies who offer you a franchise of their larger company. But we are different, and much better. According to extensive surveys from our commercial program customers, the number one reason they choose Squeegee Pros over a franchise is year-round unprecedented reliability. And according to residential customers, it is an extremely professional company doing a superior quality job that goes beyond the call-of-duty. They trust we will send professional and friendly window cleaners to their homes and establishments who focus on attention to detail and great customer service, staying on-site until the customer is 100% satisfied. We teach and show you how to do it exactly as we do. Something a franchise will not offer. Their only concern is getting your fees each month.

Who will my customers be?

There is much more glass (and opportunity) on the ground than there will ever be up high in the air. Your customers will include all low-rise commercial storefront businesses and buildings as well as homes that have windows. There is glass everywhere you look, and we will teach you to go after every business, every large office complex, shopping center, countless neighborhoods, retirement homes, condos and townhouse complexes.  

What if this does not work for me?

If for some reason this does not work for you, and you have not surpassed $100,000 in new annual revenue, you are covered by our 24 month No Questions Asked Iron Clad Guarantee. You'll receive 50% of your money back, so half of the risk is on us. However, I need to add, this is very rare. If you work hard, follow my lead, and do as we show you, failure is not a real option.

There are so many different types of homes, storefronts, buildings, etc. Will you guide me on how to best price glass?

Yes, part of our training is devoted to pricing jobs. Whether training in your area or training at our facility, we go out into the field and teach you how we price both businesses and homes to get top dollar. In addition, we recommend you take advantage of our Home Office Pricing Service. By simply using a digital camera (or phone), send us pictures of pricing difficulties you have and we will have an answer for you pronto. You take the pictures and we'll help you price it for profit.

Where do I find employees?

Squeegee Pros has a proprietary recruiting process that offers you a proven resource to finding qualified employees. We will train you and provide you with the pay systems and structures we use, and employee support documents to help you retain good people while maximizing your company profit.

Will I really experience profit results like you say with your program?

Absolutely! But you have to bring 4 things to the table to experience the results we're talking about and we will provide the rest. 1) A true, burning desire to work as hard as it takes to get there, putting your head down and focusing until the goal is achieved. 2) A passion and excitement for the business and its potential. 3) An unwavering commitment to succeed, allowing no one to shake your faith especially when the going gets tough. 4) Be willing to step out of your comfort zone and do the uncomfortable. True business success comes from doing what most won't. 

What is the next step in finding out more information? 

You have 3 options to get your FREE CONSULTATION:

1) Take a moment and fill out the Contact Us Form and we will be in touch with you asap.

2) If you're ready and up for the challenge, pick up the phone and call 704-799-0313 right now while you are thinking about it or...
3) Email me directly at for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Thank you for your time! We are committed to your success today, tomorrow, and for as long as it takes. With our guidance and support, we won't let you fail. You will instead, join us in the elite window cleaner's world of 1%'ers. I hope to see you at the top!