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What Jim's Clients are Saying:

After the HUGE Convention and listening to other programs, Jim and Window Washing Wealth was the only choice for me.  Jim does not pressure you in any way.  He will literally hand you the "keys to the kingdom", and it is on you to take action and build your own empire.  The materials, phone calls, mentorship, and guidance received along the way is mind blowing in the most incremental detail possible.  Truly impressed.  Jeremy, MO

Client Coaching Results: $0 to $102,000 per month in 27 months!
The Window Washing Wealthâ„¢ program/system is worth 10 times more than what Jim is charging. If you're on the fence about purchasing it, I would do it now before Jim realizes he's not charging enough for it ...The strategies alone that I got from my first phone conversation with Jim will pay for my investment in The Window Washing Wealthâ„¢ program 10 fold. Plus, Jim is a really nice guy too! He's someone whom I look forward to working with to help me reach my goals. Wash On Jim!   John in TX
Window Washing Wealth got my attention because of a well written article in the American Window Cleaner Magazine. I was impressed with the knowledge contained within. When I clicked on the Web Site, I knew this was something I could model and implement into my company. Why invent the wheel when it has already been invented. So I called the phone number and spoke to Jim. This was when I really got excited. It was very obvious that he knew what he was talking about and had the system in place to get it done. that I actually have some of the documents with detailed action plans and the step by step process to go through, I can no longer sleep. I'm very impressed with what you have put together. Extremely detailed step by step process!!   Roger in TX

Client Coaching Results: $25,000 per month to over $100,000 per month in 10 months!!

Just got done with a bootcamp. It was great meeting Jim and his team. I learned to much to even begin to explain it in this format. First, if you haven't gone to a bootcamp, Go. Second, Jim's systematic approach to teaching all of that information but leaving you with a precise game plan on executing all that information is very impressive. I will go again.  Dylan in FL

Coaching Client Results: $1,000 per month to $83,853 per month in 27 months.