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After the HUGE Convention and listening to other programs, Jim and Window Washing Wealth was the only choice for me.  Jim does not pressure you in any way.  He will literally hand you the "keys to the kingdom", and it is on you to take action and build your own empire.  The materials, phone calls, mentorship, and guidance received along the way is mind blowing in the most incremental detail possible.  Truly impressed.  Jeremy, MO

Client Coaching Results: $0 to $102,000 per month in 27 months!
Window Washing Wealth got my attention because of a well written article in the American Window Cleaner Magazine. I was impressed with the knowledge contained within. When I clicked on the Web Site, I knew this was something I could model and implement into my company. Why invent the wheel when it has already been invented. So I called the phone number and spoke to Jim. This was when I really got excited. It was very obvious that he knew what he was talking about and had the system in place to get it done... now that I actually have some of the documents with detailed action plans and the step by step process to go through, I can no longer sleep. I'm very impressed with what you have put together. Extremely detailed step by step process!!   Roger, TX

Client Coaching Results: $20,000 per month to over $100,000 per month in 10 months!

What's amazing about the Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing business is that most business owners have no real idea about the INCREDIBLE upside potential they offer.  It's almost criminal that so many in our profession still struggle to make ends meet or just have some kind of life.

That's why I created this new Action Guide, where I reveal 13 EASY things you can do immediately to increase your revenues FAST.  Inside you'll discover:

  • Why Window Washing is one of the best-kept secrets in business today (and how to make the MOST of the opportunity this reality provides). [Page 3]

  • A mind-blowingly SIMPLE plan you can use IMMEDATELY to increase your Income by at least 20% or More! [Page 7]

  • The simple question that if answered and addressed correctly can literally mean the difference between business success and failure. [Page 8]

  • How to use Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) and Flyers to focus like a laser and dominate your local residential market.  [Pages 10-11]

  • A super-sneaky (but totally ethical) way to get other businesses to do your marketing for you. [Page 12]

  • How we use one super simple marketing medium (no tricky tech or sales funnels) to generate a 7x ROI. Start it in 48 hours!  [Page 14]

  • The 5 Steps to doubling your business' revenues in one year and exploding your profits (money in your pocket) 140%. [page 17]
  • How to limit turnover so you can gain traction to scale. [page 18]
  • And much, much more.

Best of all, this powerful guide is my gift to you - there's no risk, no obligation, absolutely free of charge.  Just fill out the form above with your contact info to reserve your copy and let us know where to send it.  My Action Guide will be emailed to you directly.  This is a limited time offer.  

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