Question: Is it really necessary to have a mentor to build my business to 6-figures?

Anyone can be a window cleaner and you certainly don't need my program to be one. But to be incredibly successful, proper guidance absolutely speeds up the process. We only work with business owners who truly want to rise above the rest, following my proven business plan. I have 20+ years of knowledge and have already 'done it' in our market so it makes it easy for you to copy and follow my lead. As far as the window cleaning business, we are in a niche service industry that is recession resistant with limited 'real' competition. My training and support offers you the potential of a significant six figure income. A process remarkably harder if attempted alone

Question: I'm already in my 50's. Is it too late for me to start working with you?

Absolutely not! We can have you up and running inside of 7 days making money. My "take you by the hand" approach and day-to-day support will have you making more money quickly. And within just a few months to a year you'll see significant changes to your income - provided you do your part. This is not a 5 or 10 year plan to break even and finally profit. Plus, my approach is to have people doing the work for you so you can work on the business instead of in the field every day.

Question: Do I need any special background to work with you?

No, we provide full training and support, and the strategies you need to build your company. From software, to marketing, to employees and everything in between. Our training is thorough and extensive and is taught by the top tier of people at Squeegee Pros, including myself. You just bring the willingness to succeed.

Question: How will I know where to start and what to do?

This is a very important question because this is where 99% of programs fail. Our Operations Manual is the bible and core to our program. That combined with our world-class support lays out in finite detail of  exactly  'what to do' and 'when to do it' from day 1, to day 10, to month one, to year 1 and so on. As I stated earlier, tell us where you want to be in revenue in the next year and beyond and we will design the blueprint, the "how-to" to get you there. Then just implement it.

Question: Can I keep my job and still work with you?

Yes. Our program is designed to help the part timer get out of their job as quickly as possible. On average, this is within 60 to 180 days of starting, and then the sky is the limit. This is the beauty of our system. We realize not everyone can jump in full time at 40 hours per week and we don't expect you too. However if you can, all the better, as you will expedite your business success.

Question: Do I need an office?

No. Most of those we work with, and myself included, started out at home before getting an outside office. But we do want you to have that goal once you become financially sound. Success seems to build on itself faster with an outside office. We know where the best offices are found. And we have a proven method to help you find great office space at the best lease rates.

What will I get if I choose to work with you?

Depending on the program, you will receive unlimited support, the "keys" to my online Window Washing Wealthâ„¢ proprietary portal of information to learn on your phone, tablet, or computer when on the go, reference our manuals, marketing pieces, operations manuals, videos, audios, proprietary forms, and so much more, organized in an orderly, step-be-step format. In addition, there is an internal member forum plus, 2 webinars per month, optional Jump Start School in your area, and unlimited 4-day Bootcamps

What is the support like?

In short,  World Class . We are extremely committed to providing an unparalleled level of support, instruction, direction, and leadership. One-on-one support will consist of many forms including phone, in person, text, and email. Other forms of support include Boot Camps, webinars, gatherings, and podcasts. High levels of support are provided in all areas including: tech and software support, marketing, human resources, growth and business planning, pricing, skill sets, employee management, etc.

Is there a cost involved in working with you?

Yes. As the only company in the U.S. that operates this way, helping window cleaners and pressure washers greatly expand their business empire, my time, and my team's time is very sought-after. So there is a cost for our time, materials, system, and ongoing support. But I can guarantee you this: It will be a  drop in the bucket  compared to the profit you will start seeing with our help. Guaranteed.

How does Squeegee Pros differ from its competition?

First of all, we have no real competition. You will find companies who offer you a franchise of their larger company. But we are different, and much better. According to extensive surveys from our commercial program customers, the number one reason they choose Squeegee Pros over a franchise is year-round unprecedented reliability. And according to residential customers, it is an extremely professional company doing a superior quality job that goes beyond the call-of-duty. Remember above when I mentioned "World Class Service"? They trust we will send professional and friendly window cleaners to their homes and establishments who focus on attention to detail and great customer service, staying on-site until the customer is 100% satisfied. We teach and show you how to do it exactly as we do. Something a franchise will not offer. Their only concern is getting your fees each month.

Who will my customers be?

There is much more glass (and opportunity) on the ground than there will ever be up high in the air. Your customers will include all low-rise commercial storefront businesses and 2 to 5 story buildings as well as homes. There is glass, concrete, siding, and wood everywhere you look, and we will teach you to go after every business, every large office complex, building, shopping center, countless neighborhoods, retirement homes, condos and townhouse complexes.

What if this does not work for me?

It will! But if not, you are backed by my Window Washing Wealth Ironclad Guarantees. If you work hard, follow our lead, and do as we show you, failure is not a real option.

There are so many different types of homes, storefronts, buildings, etc. Will you guide me on how to best price glass and surfaces?

Yes, part of our training is devoted to pricing jobs. Whether training in your area or training at our facility, we go out into detail teaching you how we price both businesses and homes to get top dollar. In addition, we recommend you take advantage of our  Home Office Pricing Service . By simply sending us pictures of pricing difficulties you have and we will have an answer for you pronto. You take the pictures and we'll help you price it for profit.

Where do I find employees?

Squeegee Pros has a proprietary recruiting process that offers you a proven resource to finding qualified employees. We will train you and provide you with the job posts, interview forms, pay systems and structures we use, and employee support documents to help you retain good people while maximizing your company profit.

Will I really experience profitable results like you say with your program?

Absolutely! But you have to bring 4 things to the table to experience the results we're talking about and we will provide the rest. 1) A true, burning desire to work as hard as it takes to get there, putting your head down and focusing until each target and goal is achieved. 2) A passion and excitement for the business and its potential. 3) An unwavering commitment to succeed, allowing no one to shake your faith especially when the going gets tough. 4) Be willing to step out of your comfort zone and do the uncomfortable. True business success comes from doing what most won't.