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What that means to you is this: there's no way you can make a mistake. This is something no franchisor or consultant (trying to be all things to all businesses) will ever offer you or anyone. They just don't! It's too risky for them to offer a money back guarantee like this. 

Guarantee #1: You'll have 2 FULL YEARS to implement everything with my unlimited help before deciding if you want to keep it. If you have not added an additional $100,000 just send it back for a 50% refund. In 2 years I can promise, you will be very glad you did this with me, but this gives you an "out" if things aren't going well for you.

Guarantee #2: Protected million dollar territory... It is only fair for you to have a large expansive protected area to build your business. This guarantee means as I expand around the country, I will not, under any circumstances, sell another licensee in your target market. It's all yours and no one else's.

Guarantee #3: Regular access to a proprietary pipeline of new information ONLY for Licensees... I am constantly updating, tweaking, and testing new ideas, releasing new or updated systems, and adding profit-pulling marketing "plates". You will have the keys to everything new that we create and test. Just look under "Added Material" on the Portal.

I will teach you proprietary processes like (licensees only):

  • Price Positioning (100% to 400% increases in job revenue)
  • Growth Trajectory Models (add $15k/m to $25k/m to $35k/m by this time next year in monthly revenue)
  • Stacking (my big little marketing secret and competitor's worst nightmare)
  • World Class Customer Service (processes guaranteed to raise the bar far above what any competitor can reach)
When These Are Combined, You Become a Business Game Changer

Why do I offer such strong guarantees? To convey our confidence to you that we strongly believe in our systems, our people, and our operating models. If you go in knowing you can recoup 50% of your investment, it calms any fears.  

Now, this business will no longer be a mystery. You'll have amazing certainty and confidence in your ability to create money at will because there's no more guesswork!


The most valuable part of my licensing system is my personal, 1-on-1 help and the World Class Support that guides you by the hand every single step of the way.

I will give you everything you need to be wildly successful,
Including Unlimited Support.

This is where 90% of the true value is. Think about it: if my staff and I are on the phone with you 400 hours over the next 60 months x $150 per hour that = $60,000. As a Licensee, it's all free and unlimited. Go from entrepreneur to serial entrepreneur through mentorship.

BUT, to participate in my Premier program as a Licensee, you must call me first at (704) 451-0409 or email me right now at for two very important reasons. 

1. I want to "meet" you over the phone. When you call, I will answer any further questions you have and help you feel comfortable that this is a great decision but also make sure we are a good fit to work together. This is a 60 month arrangement. I need to know you want this and are willing to commit to changing your life. Afterall, the end goal is a completely automated 7-figure come-and-go-as-you-please operation. I will get you there, but I don't want to "pull" you to success. We build it once and we're done. And "done" gives you options for an Exit Strategy:

  • Sell your "systemized" operation for an extreme profit

  • Keep for an on-going residual income retirement program

  • Build to a massive operation worthy of eyebrow raising 

2. I need to make sure your protected territory is available. We currently have more than 30 markets in the U.S. and Canada taken. They are first come first serve. Not every market is available and more are being taken all the time. 

SAVE $1,000 ON THIS PAGE ONLY! Limited Time!
And Don't Forget The $7,949 In FREE BONUSES 
At The Bottom Of this Page

Why Am I Doing This? At Squeegee Pros, Inc. we KNOW that the Window Washing Wealth™ Licensing system has the ability to change your life. And not in some small incremental way, but in a huge, life-altering way. We believe EVERY person in this business or investigating this business should be using it! When you begin to experience what Window Washing Wealth™ can do, you will become a RAVING FAN and a lifelong loyalist because you will have found The Place For Prosperity for your business. 

Remember, keep or create your own company name! This is not a franchise. SAVE YOUR MONEY! You Don't need a franchise! Window Washing Wealth offers so much more for 10% of the price of a franchise. The world of business is changing. Today it is business mentorship and coaching from successful people who have already blazed the trail and have what you want - offering to SHOW YOU THE WAY. 

The Complete Window Washing Wealth Licensing System:

$4,995.00   $3,995.00

Or Two Monthly Payments of $2,250.00 Each

On-going Coaching Support Fee is only $500 per month ($16 per day, cheaper than a new car payment). Our support, unlimited by phone, text, and email is truly the difference between phenomenal success and mediocre success. There is true value when you are in constant contact with someone (me) who's already built a 7-figure business and is still in the business today.  

Some call my Licensing System the bible of Window Cleaning Business Success. It includes absolutely everything: teaching, showing, and taking you by the hand to guide you to...Market Domination, Strong Six Figure Income, an Auto-Pilot Business, while securing an On-Going Lifetime Income through...

  • World Class anytime lifetime support through calls, texts, emails. You have a mentor (and team) that is with you on this important quest to greatness.
  • Regular on-going structured on topic training and marketing calls keeping you on pace and on the path to success (the Action Plan).
It includes my Core Operations Manual and Systems Blueprint (which is everything we have done and currently do in my window cleaning company today to build it to the seven-figure level it is). It allows you to follow someone who has "done it" twice starting in the trenches with just one customer. 

You have COPYRIGHT FREE ACCESS to everything I've done and will do. Years of creation, trial, and error, saving $1,000's of dollars and hundreds of hours.

You will get your hands on more than 1,200 pages (broken down into 25 easy to follow chapters) of everything, and I mean everything we do including 10 DVD's and 12 CD'sgiving me a strong $250,000 annual income. This is a window cleaning, pressure washing "business building paradise" of ability, education, and expertise. The whole kit and caboodle of business fundamentals; administration; 42 effective profit-pulling marketing systems; 184 forms, editable documents, pdf's, contracts, etc. including a breakdown of our company's enforced systems. 

You'll know immediately you've made a wise decision and investment, knowing you'll keep profiting month after month, year after year. Remember, 85% of the work is already done. You have copyright access to all marketing, all pictures, all words, all concepts, all systems used by us. All you have to do is "plug" them into your business--thus saving you hours of time, money and headaches.

I created Window Washing Wealth™ to help those never before in the business or those already in it but having NO real experience, NO real business talent, or NO real marketing knowledge. My goal, my passion is to create opportunities for anyone to participate in what we offer to help them reach their business goals leading to success stories all over the country. 

Believe me when I tell you, this will never wind up buried on your back shelf, collecting dust. This is a resource you will return to over and over and over again seeing it pay dividends every time. Things like...
  • National Service Provider List. This secret proprietary list has added 100's and 100's of new commercial on-going accounts for us in window cleaning and pressure washing. Only licensees have access to this instant income generating list (for a commercial jump-start).
  • How to finally get off the glass - price jobs correctly so you can pay your technicians. Learn the balance of pricing and payroll. Priceless information.
  • Pay: hourly, salary, or performance pay. What is best and why?
  • Business Bank accounts. Which, how many, and why.
  • Learn how to pay YOU! The in's and out's to legally maximize pay and minimize taxes. Do this versus a 'draw'.
  • How to make your managers and supervisors "really" perform with structured profit sharing programs (worth price of system alone).
  • The right software leads to an auto-pilot business. Learn what we use.
  • Employee retention secrets that work! Limit turnover once and for all. Most every company has this frustrating problem. We have figured it out! (worth price of system).
  • Hire hard, manage easy, fire fast. How do we do it? Includes live recorded interviews.
  • Emails blasts that work! The how-to, the frequency, and every template. Copy. paste, send! How to schedule $5,000 in new work tomorrow. Our Mother's Day promotion just did exactly that! Make $7,700 in 24 hours. Our Fall promotion did that!
  • How to use a lead conversion business card.
  • B2B back-end marketing. My little secret on auto-pilot. No one does this!
I practice what I preach: 3,500 on-going storefront accounts, adding $20,000/m revenue in just the last 24 months while completing 4,000 residential jobs in the past year, all working 2 days a week!
  • The Acquisition/Buyout system we've used 19 successful times! How to find, negotiate, and structure great deals (worth price of system alone).
  • Independent Contractor Hiring packet (the legal how-to-do-it-right)
  • The commercial storefront raise letter. Works like magic, adding $65,000 in no-extra-work annual revenue this past summer alone.
  • Job specific employment contracts. A must if you plan to have employees. (worth price of system alone)
  • Commercial salesperson how-to and compensation plan to quickly build commercial routes.
  • Non-competition covenants that work! Mission critical for your business.
  • Residential Marketing ROI spreadsheet. How we track everything.
  • Worker's Comp Claim Reporting form. One claim can impact the course of your business negatively. This one form changes everything in your favor (also worth price of system).
  • Job specific operations manuals (worth price of system).
  • Google domination: how to capture the "lion's share" of those interested in the services you offer. (priceless)
  • Intensive hands-on 3-day Live Bootcamp training at my world class facility. Required.

And it goes on and on. Only one thing will happen when working with me and my staff: your business WILL grow. Join us 1%'s who enjoy a lifestyle of the "rich and not so famous" and save yourself years of frustration and wasted money and invest in my Licensing system. Whether residential, commercial or both, window cleaning, pressure washing, or gutter cleaning or all 3, I've put together a system of "what works now" so you can take action today and profit tomorrow.

And Don't Forget To Include the $7,949 Worth Of Free Bonuses

Bonus #1 (Worth $49): 10 Easy Things You Can Do Tomorrow To Increase Your Window Cleaning Business Profits By At Least 35% (free for reading my letter).

Bonus #2 (Worth $400): FREE Critiques of any direct mail piece, EDDM campaign, Email Blast Campaign, Website, Flyer, etc. at any time if you already have an existing business.

Bonus #3 (Worth $2,995): Totally Optional - Completely Done For You 112 Page Fully Integrated Editable SEO Ranking Website (Our designer will replicate my website for $695 [normally $3,000 to create a fully integrated one from scratch]. All set, all done for you. You just add more pictures, change any wording, add testimonials, etc. Headlines, blog content, service descriptions, body content, built in email blasts, landing pages, everything is there. I will teach you the 6 items your website must have to rise above the rest!)

Bonus #4 (Worth $5,000): Live 3-Day Business Building Bootcamp. Small groups for all-imortant Q n A. We cover absolutely everything and more in this action packed, interactive, headspinning event. Two things guaranteed to happen: (1) you'll be so excited you won't sleep. (2) you will know you can do this... in a big way.

Bonus #5 (Worth-you name it): Over time you will also be a part of National Conferences, Think Tank Group Conference Calls, My Private National Advisory Counsel, and my Negotiated Supplier Discounts.

The Window Washing Wealth Licensing System: 

Delivered by U.S. mail and fully accessible via online portal.
Call Jim DuBois to order: (704) 451-0409

 Checks or money orders can be mailed to (add $39.95 S&H): 

Window Washing Wealth™
904 Brawley School Rd. 
Mooresville, NC 28117.

FIRST, the next step is to call me direct at 704-451-0409 (8am to 5pm EST) and speak with me directly to answer any and all of your questions. Let's make sure this is a good fit.

Or email me direct:

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Yes Jim, I'm Ready to Start Making $500 Per Day and Onward To Build A Systemized Operation Allowing me To Come and Go as I Please While Supercharging My Profits and Income!

I Know You Went Through the Blood, Sweat, and Tears So I Won't Have To. I UnderstandI'll Be Introduced to an Entirely New Style of Business Building That Ensure My Business Success and MY Life for The Better.

Knowing I Will Have Your Complete Support, Rush Me the Complete Licensing System. I'm Ready and Excited Because I Know It Will Take Me and My Business to Where I Want to Go - No Matter The Economy.

Next, I'm Going to Call You at (704) 451-0419
To Make Sure My Territory is Available.
  • I also realize I'll never have security and peace of mind if I can't confidently and affordably build my business efficiently. I realize I'm getting a system that'll allow me to not only expedite my business growth but also accomplish this in an organized and disciplined manner so I can achieve business success.
  • I also realize my life  is about to get easier, more lucrative, and more fun now knowing that I'll be my own boss and have a new way to look and approach business. 
  • I realize I'm getting an awesome deal considering I could easily make up the price of this program with just a HANDFUL of new customers. This practically makes your Licensing System free since I could multiply my investment over and over again.
  • I also know that I have a whole 2 years to implement the system and witness a surge of cash flow adding $100,000 or I'm entitled to a 50% refund. So, there's no way I'm making a mistake by taking action now and ordering...

Jim DuBois' PREMIER Package:
The Window Washing Wealth
Licensing System

So if you are ready, the next step is yours ...
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There is nothing like the Window Washing Wealth program in the marketplace. It contains every step of how I built a multi-million dollar window cleaning / pressure washing company from the ground up utilizing many markets, including: residential properties, commercial storefronts, large commercial buildings, and low and midrise structures. Anyone seriously looking to increase their income significantly in a shorter period of time, needs this information. 

Fine Print: Certain information whether digital, print, or audio are protected by international copyright laws. Territory protection; unlimited email, text, call support; and on-site visits are not included in the Business in a Box or Module programs. These are reserved for and only available for direct use by Window Washing Wealth Licensees.