Window Washing Wealth Programs

1. My Free Reports

  • Get a birds-eye view of how big this business can be for you when done right. 
  • Get multiple strategies you never thought of that will help you build your business better.
  • Learn how Jim went from broke to building a multi-million dollar window / pressure washing business.
Have it all in 5 minutes!

2. My Business In a Box Program - SAVE $500

Very popular! Regularly $1,495. For a limited time invest only 3-payments of $369. Click below for all the details and free bonuses.

  • The How-To Bible to making $500 to $700 per day within days.
  • My online, home study e-course with Action Plan. 
  • Administration, Marketing, Document File, Systems.
  • My complete core 1,000+ pages of business-building-modules.

3. Accelerated Growth With Jim's Business Coaching Program


Hire Jim and His Team and Watch What Happens to Your Business

For the serial entrepreneur who wants to replicate Jim's existing multi-million dollar window cleaning / pressure washing operation. Take the job you call a business and turn into a thriving company.
  • Private 1 on 1 Coaching to exclusive 'Round Table' Group Coaching.
  • Live Bootcamps: Nothing but strategy, skill, principles, belief, systems, networking, etc.
  • Copyright Free Materials on the Massive Online Knowledge Center: The hard work is already done to fast-track your company - cut, copy, paste, implement.
  • Live Business Building Webinar Workshops always on deck! 
  • Member's Only Support Forum: Join other clients sharing their successes, what's working, questions, answers, etc.
  • Master My Systems: There are 7 that make up Jim's Blueprint. This is the 'secret-sauce' to a truly successful, come and go as you please company that gives you Time-Freedom-Wealth. 
  • ...and so much more and it's SUPER AFFORDABLE! 
Window Washing Wealth is the only window cleaning / pressure washing niche-specific coaching company in the country, meaning we speak the same language you do. 

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