Marketing Mistake - Bidding Too Low To Get The Job

You are going into business to make money. Don't underbid just to get the job that mentality will come back to haunt you in the long run in more ways than one.

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Remember, you are in business to provide a service and make a profit.
  1. If you don't build in enough profit on your prices, you will eventually be out of business.
  2. If you price to low, you will never be able to hire employees and still make a decent profit.

Tip: If your prices are too low, how will you ever get off the glass?

If you consistently bid to low from the start, you will become 'stuck' with that lower price point you give your customers and you will have a hard time raising that low price to the price it should be. The trick is to price your jobs right from the beginning. How do you determine what your market will bear? Do you price below this line or above this line? Or right at the line?

Know What Your Competitor Charges

First, determine what your market will bear. What price points will capture market share as profitably as possible? Open an excel spreadsheet and call it Competitor Pricing. Put all of the information below into this spreadsheet. Everything. All the company names, contact information, pricing, etc.

Step 1.
Get and go through all of the coupon mailers that you will receive in the mail or in your paper box (called a swipe file). Pull out all of the window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning coupons you can find. Make note of the competitor and their pricing. Locate all of your competitors that have a website. Go through each website and search for pricing of their services if they have any. Continue searching for all ways to find out what your competitors charge.

Step 2.
Compile the data. The spreadsheet should have each company's regular pricing as well as their discount pricing or specials they advertise. This will become invaluable and will help you determine what your market bears and what price model you put together for your own company.

Don't be the low-price leader! Know how to become the high price leader!

Your outside perception that you create will dictate that you don't need to be and you don't want to be. A higher price with slightly less leads equals more profit. A compelling outside perception working in conjunction with all of the reasons that make you different and better, will put your company in a league of its own. Your competitors will want to be you but you will already be there. And this is the balance you are after. Your price point needs to be on the higher end of all of your competitors.

Tip: Don't be the low-price leader!

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