Marketing Mistake - Not Employing an SEO Strategy

I'm no expert at SEO, so I asked my internet specialist Fred from Mouse and Man to contribute to this part of the blog. So, in Fred's words...

Why is SEO important to the marketing success of a window cleaning company?

First off let's define what SEO is before we explain how it can be used to better your window cleaning company. According to Google, SEO is "the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine."

Many window cleaning company owners claim to think they know what SEO is however when you evaluate the merits of this definition above, few do. The goal of this post is to change this.

Most often when folks reach out to my company, Mouse and Man, they start with something similar to this, "I want to get to the top of 'The Google' when people search for [favorite window cleaning search phrase] in [insert their hometown]."

I respond with something like: "Why?"
  • Herein lies the question, what are your motives to get SEO?
  • Do you just want to get to the top?
  • Is your boss saying that "We need to be there when our customers are searching for us!"?
  • Is this part of a larger corporate initiative to attain a new KPI?
  • Do you want to grow your leads?
  • Do you want grow your profits?
  • Do you want to sell your business soon?
Understanding why you want or need SEO is important in understanding how to address it.

And just for the record, none of these responses are necessarily good or bad. They however let me in on where you are based on with your understanding of this ever changing and sometimes confusing service offering. Based on your current level of understanding, I'll attempt to offer as much education as possible so as you can make an informed decision.

In order to best gauge success, here are some typical recommendations related to measurement. All of these metrics are easily quantifiable thus there is less ambiguity in the reporting process.
  • Website Metrics
    • Website Visitors
    • Website Visitors from Search Engines
    • Leads
      • Contact Form Conversions (from Search Engines)
      • Phone Call Conversions (from Search Engines)
  • Search Engine Metrics
    • Keyword Ranking for specific phrases (recommend 20+ for all window cleaning companies)
    • Keyword Volume (i.e. how many people are searching for specific phrases. Important to understand how these change over time relative to seasons and as city populations change)
It is crucial that your company managing new leads identify the source of the lead (Google / Bing, etc.) and potentially keywords used too (window cleaning or a branded company keyword). Without this important step, calculating ROI will be complex and not confident.

Again, without a basis for measuring your window cleaning company's SEO campaign it will be complex to evaluate its effectiveness.

Based on how you define your company, you'll become more informed when performing your "keyword research" or essentially establishing a baseline for which words or phrases you plan on focusing on. Here's a screenshot of some typical words to consider for your SEO campaign:

Note the second column here list the search volume which is the expected number of people searching for a specific keyword. I recommend you add your own keywords as well as the service area(s) you provide window cleaning too in order to help generate your own keywords.
Note that if you attain a high ranking status that no one or few people search for, you aren't profiting your company as much as a high volume search phrase. This information is pulled from the Google Keyword Tool.

Whatever words you decide on it's important you write content on your website based on this exact or similar phrases.

Take a look at one of my clients, Squeegee Pros, which you are probably familiar with.

This information is pulled from their Google site index.

Notice the orange squares here showing some of the targeted phrases that content has been written for. Relative to this, create content and information on your own website which is original and important to your company. Think of unique ways that you can approach this initiative perhaps with more than just words, perhaps candid YouTube videos or interesting and educational graphics. Whatever direction you decide; I recommend you lean towards whichever comes natural to you or that your team already has experience with.  

So, bottom line and important to understand (perhaps similar to window cleaning) there is no one perfect way to do SEO. Build on what you have today, set your company up for long term success with a well thought and executed SEO campaign.

Just having a website isn't enough. Search engines (most notably, Google) are significantly more likely to rank your website higher on relevant queries if you have the right SEO strategy. This includes adding keywords to your content, titles, descriptions, and title tags, while also delivering well-written and useful content.

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